Enjoy mind-boggling magic right at your table every Friday night starting at 6:00pm from renowned magician George Tovar!

George Tovar made his reputation performing magic for celebrities, corporate and private events, restaurants, and cruise ships. His superlative sleight-of-hand skills, in combination with his engaging personality, has made him a sought after entertainer.

George has been performing at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood (The Carnegie Hall of magic) for well over 20 years. George’s popularity enchanted Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, to hire him as one of the first performers in their new $65 million dollar attraction—Caesar’s Magical Empire, bringing together some of the top magicians in the world.

As an accomplished actor, George has been able to blend his talent of magic with the world of acting—appearing in such shows as Alias, Murder She Wrote, Arliss, Chicken Soup for the Soul and Columbo, as well as, commericals for Burger King, Sears and many others.

In addition to working in Hollywood as an actor, George has entertained the Hollywood elite as a magician—performing sleight-of-hand magic for many of the major studios and TV production companies. In the corporate world, George’s list of clients boasts some of Fortune 500’s top companies—IBM, Budweiser, Sysco, Southwest Airlines, Toyota, Xerox and Union Bank.

Learn more about George and his magic at his website.